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COVID-19 UPDATES The unknowns of the COVID-19 crisis have brought about dramatic and fast-moving changes to requirements of patient care.  The rapidly changing environment and its uncertainty has created supply chain disruptions impacting the post-acute care market nationwide. AHP’s team members are here to help its Members in this challenging time including providing you with [...]

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How Medicare Advantage Will Affect Your Nursing Home

Traditionally, Medicare hasn’t covered long-term care. And — spoiler alert — it still doesn’t. However, the rise of Medicare Advantage plans has opened a few doors that weren’t open before. While Medicare still doesn’t provide long-term care coverage — patients will have to subscribe to a different type of plan if they want that — it is beginning to provide coverage for certain aspects of long-term care.

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Fall Fighter – Fall Management

Fall Management Matters Fall management is a major concern throughout the healthcare field. Fall Fighter, available exclusively from Crest Healthcare, offers facilities a comprehensive fall prevention solution. Implementing Fall Fighter will assist your facility in reducing the occurrence and frequency of resident falls. CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW TO SEE THE FULL FLYER.

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PharmScript provides superior pharmacy services in support of long-term and post-acute care facilities. We improve the accuracy, timeliness, accessibility, and efficiency of pharmacy services, consistently providing exemplary client service. Our dedication to creating a seamless pharmacy experience enables our clients to focus on delivering top-quality care to their patients and residents. With 17 pharmacy locations [...]

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Taking Long-Term Care Facilities to a Higher Level of Trust

A complete well-being program not only provides an unprecedented level of care, it also reinforces yourhigh standards of safety and quality. Using universally recognized PURELL® products to provide effectiveprotection from germs, along with gentle, effective PROVON® products for bathing and resident care canprovide peace of mind throughout your facilityClick the images below for full view. [...]

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CareOne Pharmacy Services

CareOne Pharmacy Services CareOne Pharmacy Services is an institutional pharmacy focusing on Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Centers and Assisted Living Communities. We deliver unit dosed medications, patient specific to meet the facility's needs. CareOne Pharmacy also provides customized medical records. For the facilities that utilize electronic medical records, CareOne Pharmacy has a bi-directional interface with [...]

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